Andrew Tucker, PGA Certified
Golf Teaching Professional           
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 
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Andrew's Golf Creed

  • No matter how hard you try and how good your technique, you are humanly fallible and will hit bad shots.
  • Embrace and accept that the game of golf is very difficult and there is no "magic bullet' to success.
  • Golf is mysterious. Well hit shots will turn out bad and poorly executed shots will work out well.
  • In order to truly improve and mature as a player you must understand the inter-relationship of the four (4) parts of the game of golf: full shots (woods and irons), short shots (chipping, pitching, bunkers), putting, and management (personal behavior and game strategies).
  • Always maintain good body language, exhibiting dignity, grace and humility in success and failure. Accept personal responsibility for your bad shots as well as the good shots.
  • Andrew's mantra: "short game, short game, short game, randomize, randomize, randomize, routine, routine, routine."
  • Practice more often what you're weak on, NOT what you're good at.
  • Honest evaluation of your game demands that players have a reasonable knowledge of their performance statistics based on actual data: Not only scores and handicap but greens in regulation (GIR), fairways in regulation (FIR), putts in regulation (PIR) and "Trouble" Bogies (TRB).
  • Learning to play golf is generally a marathon not a sprint. The player/student does all the work and sees every shot they hit. Progress is normally slow with peaks and valleys but they are ALWAYS improving, even in failure and slow-growth periods. Nobody can ever take away the work that the player/student has done and this is what makes success in golf so satisfying and wonderful. You WILL get out what you put in.
  • Golf is a game and as such is meant to be FUN. If playing and practicing aren't fun and enjoyable, lower your expectations or don't pursue the game.
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