Andrew Tucker, PGA Certified
Golf Teaching Professional           
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 
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Teaching Concepts

Andrew Tucker's instruction is based on these principals:

  • An efficient and effective golf swing is a very learnable skill
  • Every golfer has their own individual swing style and learning process
  • Playing golf effectively results from a combination of reasonably accurate full shots along with economical,well-controlled short shots, efficient putting, and the utilization of common-sense game management skills


This is how Andrew Tucker will help you improve your game:

  1. Together you and Andrew will identify, through honest evaluation based on facts, the areas of your game that are problematic and devise a plan to turn your weaknesses into strengths
  2. Create specific goals based on your individual player-motivation as a way to measure and determine your success
  3. Andrew will utilize a variety of cameras, video-capture devices, high and low tech teaching aids to help you see, feel and hear critical information in order to develop important motor and golf-shot skills 

Andrew Tucker focuses on these critical factors:

  • The significance of proper aim and alignment
  • How your golf grip can affect the direction the ball travels
  • Why good posture is so important to consistent ball contact
  • Understanding ball flight patterns
  • The importance of a reasonably good swing path/plane
  • Why the short game has the most profound influence on your scoring

    The game of golf is VERY difficult; it's time golfers realize that a more organized and common-sense approach can result in measureable and continued success. Reach your greatest success; Andrew Tucker, PGA Certified in Instruction wants to help. Call to schedule your lesson now! Call (303) 549-0607 or email


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