Andrew Tucker, PGA Certified
Golf Teaching Professional           
Highlands Ranch, Colorado 
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 (303) 549-0607

     Andrew Tucker's goal as a golf instructor is simple: to have everyone enjoy the game of golf and reach their fullest potential as players. To this end, Andrew helps players get organized in their approach to golf and it's many components:

  • Full swing with woods and irons / learning the concepts of ball flight control
  • Short shots including chipping, pitching and bunkers / how short shots profoundly influence your score
  • Effective putting / controling distance and reading greens
  • Golf course and game management skills / choosing the best shot and game strategies

     Andrew dispels many of the myths and misconceptions about the game of golf and helps players develop confidence in their game; Every player is different and has their own personal goals, athletic ability and practice opportunity. Andrew works with each student on an individual basis to develop their plan for success. 

     Communication is the key to learning; Andrew utilizes industry leading V1 brand digital video to enhance the learning process.

     Contact Andrew Tucker, PGA now and see how he can help you with your golf game. In addition to golf instruction Andrew offers a variety of golf-related services including club-fitting, equipment evaluation , distance charting and golf consulting. Book your lesson now by calling Andrew direct at (303) 549-0607 or email


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